Burger Fiend™

The Real Story of What's in a Name

BurgerFry, BurgerFeen, BurgerFiend.  What's in a name?  Apparently, a great deal in our case.  Many of you have wondered, been frustrated, and just plain asked, "Guys, what's going on with all the name changes."  An explanation is definitely in order, so grab a burger and take a seat because the story of our name changing fiasco is about to begin.    

BurgerFry - The Beginning

So in 2014 we decided to open our doors and provide Cedar Rapids with a true better-burger brand.  We searched far and wide for a name we thought was intriguing, unique, and would attract customers to give us a try.  Out of this search came the name BurgerFry.  Excited, we pushed forward in developing our brand around the BurgerFry name and in so doing, presented Cedar Rapids' first true better-burger restaurant in the summer of 2014. 

BurgerFeen - The Middle

A little over a few months later BurgerFry was served with a not-so-nice letter from a burger chain down south saying BurgerFry was too close to their name... although it really wasn't true. However, they were bigger, had a lot more lawyers than we did, and were willing to try and crush a local brand just striking it out.  Thus, we turned the other cheek and decided to change our name from BurgerFry to BurgerFeen.  How did we come up with BurgerFeen you ask?  Let's just say.....in haste.  Wanting to move forward took precedent over really taking the time to think through the meaning of the BurgerFeen name.

BurgerFiend - The Fiendishly Happy Ending

The third time's a charm right?  After much thought and reflection we came together to focus on our brand development as much as we focused on making a great burger that Cedar Rapids has come to declare one of the best.  We knew there was a connection to be made with customers in Cedar Rapids desiring for a place to truly enjoy fresh ground beef burgers, hand-cut fries, friendly service, a warm comfortable ambience, and most important, people who are burger fanatics.  If finally dawned on us that BurgerFiend was the perfect name.

A "Fiend" is defined as an "addict or fanatic" and we felt the same way about our burgers.  This time however, we went the extra distance to search far and wide for anyone out there who may try and lay claim to the BurgerFiend name.  When the green light came back, we moved on it.  We married the two the names together and BurgerFiend was born.   It is often said the School of Hard Knocks is a costly education.  Believe us, we can speak from experience.  

BurgerFiend - Come Feed Your Inner Fiend!™

Today BurgerFiend is forging ahead under a new name but with the same great made-fresh burgers and hand-cut fries we committed to make the first day we opened our doors.

It is not often a burger restaurant, let alone any restaurant is given a second chance to make a first impression.  While we wish the story behind our name never occurred, it's the truth of our history.  In the end, BurgerFiend is made up of real people who strive to do their best and sometimes fall short.  Life throws us many challenges and what we've learned is if you truly believe in something you have to keep getting back up and pushing forward no matter how hard it may seem.  With that, we're back and ready to take the burger eating experience to a whole new level. Please join us in welcoming BurgerFiend, the better-burger brand that is committed to Feeding Your Inner Fiend™!